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Hebrew Bible and Philosophy Sessions at SBL, San Diego 2014

Session 1: The Relationship between the Hebrew Bible and Philosophy

  1. Robin Parry, “Plato, the Hebrew Bible, and the Goodness of the Body”
  2. Jaco Gericke, “A philosophical perspective on theological ‘Why?’-questions in the Hebrew Bible”
  3. Dru Johnson, “What are we to do with the Hebrew Bible’s resistance to metaphysics?”
  4. Jeff Helmreich, “The Triumph of Love over Legalism: an Interpretation of Biblical Morality”

Session 2: Neglected Philosophical Sub-disciplines in Hebrew Bible Scholarship 

  1. Joshua Weinstein, “Nature and the Lawfulness of Change in the Bible”
  2. Shira Weiss, “Biblical Ethics: Lies and Misleading Truths
  3. Yoram Hazony, ““The Metaphysics of Creation in Genesis 1”
  4. Ryan O’Dowd, “The Role of Experience in Proverbs and Ecclesiastes”
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