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K. Seeskin reviews *Rethinking Jewish Philosophy*

9780199356812Aaron W. Hughes, Rethinking Jewish Philosophy: Beyond Particularism and Universalism, Oxford University Press, 2014, 170pp., $74.00 (hbk), ISBN 9780199356812.

“Among its other virtues, the book boasts an accurate and descriptive title: its purpose is to argue that the dominant trend in Jewish philosophy has run aground because of its reliance on artificially constructed categories like universal/particular, Jew/non-Jew, and Jerusalem/Athens. In that respect, it is an exercise in what Aaron Hughes calls “Jewish metaphilosophy.” He takes issue with the rationalist tendencies that emerged from the nineteenth century movement known as Wissenschaft des Judentums as well as the particularist tendencies that one finds in the work of Franz Rosenzweig. Whatever one thinks of the substance of Hughes’ arguments, there is no getting around the fact that he writes with flare and knows his sources extremely well. I am not aware of any recent book in the field of Jewish philosophy that presents as serious a challenge to those who practice it as this one.”

Read the review in its entirety at Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.





Harvard’s “Ways of Knowing” Conference 2014

banner-01_0_0General Call for Papers: here.

Special Call for Papers: here.

I (Dru Johnson) gave a paper at this conference last year and it was a very good crowd. Although they advertise to doctoral students and “early career scholars,” I was one of the (only?) few early career people there. Regardless, the papers I attended were exceptionally good as was the conference.

Reviews of Jaco Gericke’s *The Hebrew Bible and Philosophy of Religion*


Jaco Gericke’s expansive texts provides a “compelling case for why we would be better off if the wall separating the study of Hebrew Scripture from philosophical investigation were torn down.” Among others listed, the book received two reviews in SBL’s Review of Biblical Literature:

Christian Danz’s RBL review

Stephen Dunn’s RBL review

Yoram Hazony’s review in Theologische Literaturezeitung (Sept 2013)

Philip Davies review in Expository Times (Dec 2013). *requires access

Jaco Gericke co-chairs  the Hebrew Bible and Philosophy program unit at SBL. He is an Associate Professor in Old Testament Studies (North-WestUniversity, South Africa).