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RFP: New Research Grants in Philosophy and Hebrew Bible


The Herzl Institute in Jerusalem, in collaboration with the John Templeton Foundation, invites proposals for a funding initiative in “Jewish Philosophical Theology.” Our aim is to encourage research from both new and established scholars working on philosophical projects in the area of Jewish theology. We anticipate applications from philosophers interested in Jewish theology, but welcome applicants from other areas including Hebrew Bible and rabbinics, Jewish Studies and allied disciplines.

The Washington Post Features Biblical Philosophy Program

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The Religion News Service and The Washington Post featured an article on the $2.2 million Templeton grant for the Herzl Institute. Founded by Yoram Hazony (one of the steering committee of this consultation), The Herzl Institute has been funding and convening conferences on the intersection of philosophy and Hebrew Scripture for the last five years.

The article focuses primarily on a new undergraduate summer program—a joint venture between The King’s College and The Herzl Institute—that brings Christian students to Jerusalem to study with Jewish scholars. This year’s program will cover philosophy and political theory in the bible, the loss of Hebraic intellectual history in the West, and the current political and theological trajectories of Israel in the Middle East (see flier below).