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Dual Book Review for the Journal of Analytic Theology

pageHeaderTitleImage_en_USDru Johnson reviews Jaco Gericke’s The Hebrew Bible and Philosophy of Religion in tandem with Seizo Sekine’s Philosophical Interpretations of the Old Testament, specifically thinking about their divergent methodologies.



SBL San Antonio: Epistemology in the HB


Calum Carmichael, Cornell University, Presiding

Danilo Verde, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Qoheleth’s Epistemology: Thinking Critically at the Crossroads of Different Traditions (30 min)

Ryan O’Dowd, Chesterton House, Cornell University
The Painful Pedagogy of Proverbs (30 min)

Stephanie Nordby, University of Oklahoma
Metaphor and the Mind of God in Nevi’im (30 min)

Dru Johnson, The King’s College (New York)
Pictures of Epistemic Justification in the Early History of the Hebrew Bible (30 min)

Discussion (30 min)